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June 18, 2013
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Meanwhile In The Everfree Forest by salsav91 Meanwhile In The Everfree Forest by salsav91
Another fanfiction was made with Master Chief, Twilight tried to subdue him but he didn't like that much.
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DeoxysEnderman Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
DeluxeMagnum69 Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Hello there.
I've stumbled into this piece of artwork through the marvelous internet.
With my wild imagination, it gave me an idea. With your permission, may I use this as a cover art?
I'll also send you a PM, so no need to respond to this comment.
EliteSniper1109 Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2013
link to fanfic plz.
TheGhoulAvenue Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2013  Student Digital Artist
All I look for is tf2 cats but all I see is FUCKING UGLY PONIES EVERYWHERE
is something wrong with the tags
I mean these things seriously give me anger issues WHY DOES THIS EVEN COME UP I DIDNT TYPE PONY >:C
zimsd619 Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
FOKIN REK HER SHET M8... while shes dead.. always remember to T-bag her corpse.. Its a requirement.
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Royalnightguard Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2013
Okay. Good thing I read description before I act. First, I just want to say, I literally thought this was a Master ChiefxTwilight rape thing. So I was going to comment on how ludicrously fucked up that is, but then I saw the description. If I were you I'd remake this because it looks like he going to rape her. Maybe put the camera back a bit and instead have The Chief with his boot holding her down while pointing his gun at her head. I've read the story this is based on(at least I think I did) and I can't imagine it looking like this. I hope I'm not seeming like a dick but this just looks way too suggestive. Maybe you'll change it or maybe you'll ignore me altogether. But please do something.
salsav91 Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2013  Hobbyist Filmographer
Rape in a suit of armor that is covered in titanium plates that weigh over 1 ton each, requiring 10+ technicians and heavy load bearing machine just to removes one piece of it? I think not good sir! As for possibly changing the image? No, the position you see in the images is a proven technique use by the military on subduing another person in hand to hand combat, when you are not looking to kill them. The chief is looking to show force but not apply it in a deadly manner. As for it being based off a story you read.. That would be incorrect as well. This is just a representation of how most MCiE fics play out. Sometimes its a different pony, sometimes its not.
0oCHARGERBOTo0 Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
No metal, especially not titanium, is that dense. Master Chief weighs 1000 lb (one half ton) in armor, according to the lore I've read.
Royalnightguard Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2013
I know all about the armor. But it's the look of the position. My uncle is in the military and I'd always be used as the test dummy for pinning positions and such(when I was like 10). There's just something off about it. Like he's too low. If he were higher just a tad it wouldn't look like rape. But for what I thought was it being based off a story ([link] has that exact situation(from the Twilight trying to subdue him to the chief being pissed and OOC)except in the White-tail Woods I think, but I guess not, my bad.
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